Medical contact point for undocumented migrants

Ärztin misst Blutdruck von Sans-Papiers Patientin
Meditrina is a medical contact point for undocumented migrants (people without residency rights in Switzerland) who have no health insurance.

Important information regarding the coronavirus: If you feel ill or have questions about the coronavirus, please call us! Please do not come to the Meditrina medical contact point without telephoning first. We can be reached daily from 9 am to 12 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm on 044 360 28 72.

Meditrina is a registered general medical practice. It provides confidential basic medical care and advice in several languages. Special diagnoses and treatments for undocumented migrants are facilitated by a network of male and female doctors.

People who find that access to medical care is difficult for other reasons can receive advice and intermediary assistance at Meditrina.

Who can use Meditrina?

Undocumented migrants without health insurance who have lived for a long time in the Canton of Zurich can access all the services of Meditrina.

People who have problems accessing public health care services for other reasons can receive comprehensive advice, intermediary assistance and the treatment of urgent health problems. 

What services does Meditrina offer?
  • Primary health care
  • Referral to other medical specialists (doctors, dentists, hospitals)
  • Information and advice on the promotion of good health and prevention of problems, HIV testing on a voluntary basis
  • Advice and information on the health care system, if necessary referral to other aid organisations and services
  • Mediation between public bodies and people seeking help
What do the services of Meditrina cost?

All consultations and basic medical care at Meditrina are free-of-charge. Diagnoses and treatments provided by external bodies come at a cost.

When and where is Meditrina offered?

You do not have to make an appointment.

Where:  SRC, Canton of Zurich, Kronenstrasse 10, CH-8006 Zurich

Information about undocumented migrants and health care for specialists and interested parties

The website of the Nationale Plattform Gesundheitsversorgung für Sans-Papiers (National platform for health care for undocumented migrants) offers a lot of information on the subject.

Migesplus offers a large, multilingual selection of information material on various health topics.

Meditrina will also happily answer any questions in person. The Meditrina team is available during normal opening times on telephone number 044 360 28 72.