About us

Swiss Red Cross (SRC), Canton of Zurich

The Zurich Red Cross is an independent aid organisation in the Canton of Zurich. In collaboration with 2,600 volunteers and numerous donors, who support us with great conviction, here in the Canton of Zurich we support people in difficult living conditions.
Barbara Schmid-Federer am Weltrotkreuztag am 8. Mai 2015 im HB Zürich
Barbara Schmid-Federer, Präsidentin SRK Kanton Zürich (aufgenommen am Weltrotkreuztag am 8. Mai 2015 im HB Zürich)

Our guidelines are the basic principles of the Red Cross

In our work, we orientate ourselves according to the seven basic principles of the Red Cross movement. They are valid worldwide. We also make sure they are active in our canton. In other words: we are on the side of disadvantaged people in the Canton of Zurich and are dedicated to increased humanity and solidarity.

Neutral and impartial

90 staff and more than 2,600 volunteers support other people in the areas of health, social affairs and migration on behalf of the Zurich Red Cross. We do not discriminate when it comes to country of origin, religion, political opinion or social status. We provide advice, direct assistance and support with training courses. In this way, we fulfil important social and humanitarian duties at cantonal level.

We take a neutral approach and regard ourselves as an organisation that is complementary to other institutions in the canton and other Red Cross organisations in Switzerland. As one of 24 Red Cross cantonal associations, we work closely with the national Swiss Red Cross and are a mutual part of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.